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Industrial Geothermal Heat Pump System
“Smart Control Heat Pump” system has been specially developed for industrial scale application for the past 20 years since KAJIN established and it is one of the high-tech geothermal heat pump systems that has remote control function by mobile smart phone as well as disaster prevention function, which developed first time in Korea.
“Smart Control Heat Pump” system has high efficiency and good quality performance because of unique and special components such as Double pipe heat exchanger, Two expansion valve system and Double stage body system as a result of R&D endeavor.
► Product view
Quality of “Smart Control Heat Pump” system is certified by KS, Eco Labels, GS mark and related patents, and also using R-410A as eco friendly refrigerant.
In case of 30RT capacity, dimension will be 1,750x950x1800mm
► Advantages of Product
Double pipe type Heat Exchanger
  • High heat exchanging performance : Counter flow between water and refrigerant
  • Non Clogging compared to plate type heat exchangers
  • Rugged Durability : Nominal pressure 500psig for water pipe, 650psig for refrigerant pipe
  • Application : Evaporator and Condenser of geothermal heat exchangers, specially good for refrigerant condensing and evaporating when heat transfer to water
Two expansion valves
  • Equipped two expansion valves for cooling and heating respectively in order to maximize expansion efficiency by normal direction flow at all times
Bilevel enclosure body
  • Enclosure body has two floors (up and down) to get flexible operation according to load requirement
  • Improving durability by rotation operating between the two sets of heat exchangers in each floor of enclosure body
Remote Control System
  • “Smart Control Heat Pump” is able to be controlling, monitoring as well as adjusting if emergency through easy operated remote control system by mobile phone app.
  • Certified by GS mark (Good software) from the Government institute.
Disaster prevention System
  • Even disasters occurs such as earthquake, fire and flood, “Smart Control Heat Pump” system will be operated safely though unique disaster prevention system.
  • Disaster prevention system consists of MEMS(Gyroscope sensor), Fire sensor and Resistance sensor for flood and those are possible to stop Heat Pump system in order to prevent enlarging of disaster more.
  • Certified by GS mark (Good software) from public institute.
► Specification of industrial Smart Control Geothermal Heat Pump
Smart Control Geothermal Heat Pump
Model Name SWGH-30
Renewable Energy Korean Standards KS B 8292
Performance Heating Capacity (Ground water) COP 3.95
Heating Capacity (Underground loop) COP 3.62
Cooling Capacity (Ground water) COP 5.51
Cooling Capacity (Underground loop) COP 4.55
Electricity Consumption Heating (Underground loop) kw 28.369
Cooling (Underground loop) kw 23.539
Electricity V, Hz 3 Phase 4 Lines, 380V, 60Hz
Refrigerant R-410A
Compressor Type Scroll Type
Starting Method Direct Input Starting
Legal Refrigeration Capacity Tons 30
Heat Exchanger
(Load side)
Type Double Pipe Spiral Type
Circulation water amount LPS 5.67
Connection pipe A 65
Heat Exchanger
(Geothermal side)
Type Double Pipe Spiral Type
Circulation water amount LPS 5.67
Connection pipe A 65
Dimension L*W*H mm 1,750*950*1,800
Weight Kg 950
Safety Instruments High-Low pressure switch, Compressor overheating protection, Remote control system, Disaster prevention system
Under ground heat exchanger Total length m 3,000
Number of holes Holes/system 10
Length of each bore hole m 150
Bore hole diameter mm 150
PE spiral pipe diameter mm 30
Remote Control (GreenCon15) Display : 128 x 64, Wifi module : RN-131C, Program : firmware(C language), Communication : wire/wireless, Dimension : 115x136x17, Smart phone (Mobile) App : Android, 100kbyte
* Above specification are subjected to be changed for quality improvements without notification in advance